Winding machine parameter setting

Rotate the red button on the console in the direction indicated by the arrow, the winding machine is turned on and automatically reset. At this time, the winding machine parameters should be set according to the production arrangement. Press the "Set" button on the microcomputer controller, and follow the prompts on the screen to input "program number", "number of coils", "wire diameter", "number of turns", "number of pre-stops", "start "Winding point", "winding width", "passing slot width", "stop angle", "winding direction" and other parameters, finally press the "confirm" key to confirm, the machine saves the data and automatically resets, and the parameter setting is completed. Then adjust the working mode of the winding machine on the left side of the microcomputer controller, and set it to "back end positioning", "standard cable", "automatic reset", and finally press the "standby" button, the machine automatically resets and enters the automatic winding mode .