Product Description

customers selected color white mixing machine equipment

Product Detail

APG mixing machine, mixer machine, stirring equipment

Thin film-degassing vacuum mixing and injection device
1.Electronic vacuum guage more precision
2.Triple safety design
3.Oil cycling heating surround pot,heated evenly
4.Thin film de-gassing,excellent vacuumize
5.Adopt frequency motor to control mixing speed,quick degassing,uniform mixing
6.Compact structure,less space,flexible use
7.The temperature control system has functions of temperature display,automatic temperature limiting,safety protection and so on
8.Use stirring and injection vehicle directly,it is convenient to use

Machine Technical Parameters
mixing power                   3kw
mixing speed                   20-70r/min
capacity of pot                100L
pot size                       1100mm x 1000mm x 1800mm
vacuum pump power              1.1KW
hydraulic power pack power     0.75KW
vacuum degree                  0.5mBar
injection pressure             0.5Mpa
dimension of pot               2100mm x 870mm x 2100mm
weight of pot                  900KG

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