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HUAAO is the only supplier who professional produce: APG machine, epoxy resin casting molds, casting mold and instrument transformer winding machine. What′s more, we offer APG technique training overseas,not only know how to operate machines, but also teach them how to make qualified products We supply APG clamping machine and molds with good quality and very competitive price. Our equipment can meet production requirement from 11-36KV, such as CT, PT, tansformer bushing insulator etc.

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The technical parameters of APG equipment factory:

Mixing machine of APG equipment factory:

The technical parameters of mixing machine together with APG equipment factory:

The mold of APG equipment factory:

Mold process of APG equipment factory:

Produce process of APG equipment factory:

Try mold and take out perfect products by APG equipment factory machine:

Delivery of APG equipment factory machine:

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